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Game News
Guild name: <Valiancy>
Guild leader and contacts: Cirkus and I, but any member can invite.
Kind of RP we offer: Alot! We hope to have advanced events in the future but make room for a friendly chat around a campfire in the deep jungles of Stranglethorn to fending of the hordes of Wintergrasp in biting cold!
Kind of PvE we offer: It is not our main purpose, but we gotta' make time for such aswell. So count on afew good guildruns or boost for lower leveled.
Kind of PvP we offer: Hopefully will both Rated Battlegrounds aswell with arenas. We'll have many events circling about Wintergrasp, Tol Barad, Argent Tournaments and defending kings against horde invasions!
Guild Forum:

 On a Hero's Call Board near you:
Defending the lands, protecting the people and inspire courage in dark times are afew of the many tasks that weight heavy upon the shoulders of our brave knights. A task that can not be relied upon afew men, but everyone!
Do your duty, Sign up for training so that you can be prepared when the horde is at our gates! The biting cold of Wintergrasp may not sound tempting, but it is a battle that needs to be settled! Do your part, for the alliance! Aid our knights not only as man at arms, but medics, cooks, blacksmiths etc.
Maybe one day will you be knighted, and your statue stand proud in Valley of heroes!

 On a more OOC'ly note:
Fun PvP and PvE events await wether you like to roleplay or not! Make sure a cold run along the spine for the horde when they witness our tabard! It is brand new, join now and help forge <Valiancy> to the PvP-guild you've always wanted!

Knight's entourage, maids, servants are equally important as the knight's themselves. This rank could be anything service-minded.
Man at arms
Guards that work under the knights and thus soldiers of alliance.
Honored to train under a knight, to one day become a knight himself. Should follow his knight unless told otherwise. Being a squire isn't easy, but the rewards are great.
Only the bravest, strongest and most cunnig becomes knights. The responsibility to watch over the entire kingdom rests heavily upon the knights shoulders. But glory and fame compensate the burden. One per kingdom, we're a small guild!
Guild News
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